GoArt is the single landing point to the metaverse for users and brands looking to create and take advantage of an immersive virtual experience. We aim to provide an AR-powered metaverse shopping experience, complementing it with a well-crafted, rich content that could only be found in time portals.

Once they went through this time portal, users can spend time, and pay a visit to historical places, futuristic virtual areas, brands' metaverse shops and events. Users can claim MTE tokens as they visit such places. With the MTE tokens claimed, users can buy items such as wallets, shopping carts, bags, and even vaults in an effort to accumulate larger amounts of tokens or prizes. Besides, they can utilize these tokens in metaverse brand shops or claim them as GoArt tokens. GoArt token is a medium of exchange for GoArt metaverse and Cryptomarkets. The GoArt team has 5 years of experience in developing AR platforms and content. We're also out there for combining this experience with our metaverse expectations and knowledge. Accordingly, we are bridging the gap between the real world and virtual environments through retail experience, metaverse and blockchain solutions on our AR-based metaverse platform. With our solution, users can see the products in metaverse shops and then try them on in real life.

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