Swap System

1- Open your wallet at the bottom right and tap the Connect to Wallet button.

2- Select the crypto wallet you want to connect and confirm the connection when the crypto wallet application of your choice is opened.

3- Enter the desired amount of MTE or enter the maximum amount that can be transferred using the Max button.

4- Tap the "Withdraw" button and start the transfer process. Confirm when the confirmation screen appears in the wallet application you have connected.

5- Wait for the transfer process to complete.

6- When you see the text "Withdrawal is Completed", the transfer process will end.

Things to Consider During MTE Transfer

  • When making a transfer, you must transfer at least 10 MTE (1 MATIC).

  • The maximum weekly transfer limit is 1000 MTE. You can transfer this amount in parts or at once within the same week.

  • Transfer transactions are reset every Monday UTC 00:00 and you can transfer again.

  • The value of 10 MTE is 1 MATIC.

  • Be sure to add the Polygon network to your crypto wallet.

  • Please note that according to the User Agreement, each player can have only one account. If it is found that you have made a transfer transaction with more than one account, your account will be restricted.

  • If you reject the transaction when your crypto wallet application is opened after tapping the Transfer to Wallet button, close your crypto wallet application without confirming the transaction, or switch to a different application, your transaction will be suspended and the Transfer to Wallet button will become deactivated. In this case, please wait for about an hour and contact the Support team via Discord if the problem continues.

How to Add Polygon Network to Metamask?

  • Open Metamask and click on the Wallet at the top.

  • Tap the "Add a Network" button, in the window that oppens.

  • Open the ”Custom Network" tab.

  • Enter the following information in the blanks

Network Name: Polygon

New RPC URL: You can enter any of the links below.





ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com

  • Tap the ”Add" button.

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