GoArt metaverse provides the ultimate landing point as the solution for users and brands. Users can spend time with varied content and claim MTE tokens. Also, they can visit metaverse shops and try out their products in real life before they make a purchase.

GoArt metaverse is the gateway from web2 shopping experience to web3 shopping experience. To that end, it sorts out the product return issues through measurement by means of Augmented Reality technology and allows users to try out products in real life.

AR Mobile App

AR&MV Mixed Content

GoArt Metaverse also provides its users with an opportunity to experience AR-based metaverse via its mobile application. Thanks to the AR-based technology, users are able to witness the renowned historical periods and places by passing through the portals on the GoArt app. Time portals are designed to reflect the original forms of historical places and demonstrate the daily life in the past. Users get the chance to discover lots of portals while earning MTE tokens. With the AR technology, there are thousands of MTE tokens hidden in the portals every day, waiting for the users to discover and earn. In this way, GoArt Metaverse mobile app provides its users with the chance of earning thousands of points as they enjoy the experience of visiting different time dimensions through use of augmented reality.

AR Shopping Experience

Another crucial aspect to the AR integration with GoArt metaverse is essential for shaping the ultimate metaverse shopping experience. You can try on products or try them in your place in real life (e.g. Furniture, decorations etc.) when you visit brands' shops in metaverse. For example, you can try and see if new furniture fit in your actual place or not when you visit a furniture brand's shop.

The challenge here is that devices aren't well equipped -yet- to support all the concepts for all products in an end-to-end solution. That's why we've planned to start with a limited number of products in our partnerships and our ecosystem building efforts.

Move to Earn

Move to Earn is a way for claiming MTE tokens and opening treasure chests in the metaverse. To claim tokens or open treasure chests, user must have one of the bags NFTs among many different choices with different attributes in the GoArt Metaverse NFT Marketplace.

Gamification & Treasure Chests

GoArt Metaverse users can experience the best part of gaming world and can earn while doing it. With the gamified Move to Earn system, users can collect MTE tokens or find treasure chests and collect special prizes — such as high amount of MTE tokens or even NFTs — inside the chests.

Energy System

The essential mechanics for users to join a Move to Earn event and experience is based on the Energy system. Every user will start the game with 4/4 Energy, and consumed energy will be recovered on the basis of the time spent in metaverse, avatar level or the number of NFTs the user has.

The Luggage

Users will join exclusive Move to Earn Events with their luggage. The luggage will be essential for collection of MTE or other tokens by the users who join the events. Luggage can be upgraded by various methods to be announced later.

Soft Landing into The Metaverse

Move to Earn is basically our go-to-market strategy for users and brands willing to enter to make a soft landing into the metaverse. With this strategy, we can create value for brands and the community and provide payback to the people through the advertising budget.

We're aware that only walking around isn't a sustainable option yet is a good way to pay back to the community. That's why Move to earn tokens are metaverse tokens in our solution and backed by GoArt token.

Event Streaming

Event platform provides speakers and audiences with meeting experiences in a 3D and virtual environment. It allows for speakers and listeners to interact using their avatars in this event space.

Virtual Events Made Real

Concerts, business events, meetings and trainings with a high number of participants can be organized with the event streaming system.

Users who'd like to use the event system can make customizations such as web interface, corporate colors and page texture through the control panel.

NFT Marketplace

GoArt NFT Marketplace is the name of the market where any owned property can be traded, exhibited and put up for an auction, to be used within the GoArt Metaverse in the end.

All kinds of sales, purchases, auctions, transfers etc. with regard to NFT assets are recorded in the blockchain network with smart contracts. The ownership of an NFT asset belongs to the person who owns that asset on the blockchain network, and that person can complete any sale, auction and transfer without any restriction at any price at any time.

Assets sold, purchased or obtained through change of ownership in the NFT Marketplace will be reflected to the game and will be recorded on the blockchain.

Apart from the assets produced and made available by GoArt, users will also be able to generate income by selling NFT assets they can create through the editor in the marketplace.

NFT assets can be sold and purchased with GOART in the Marketplace.

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