How to download GoArt Metaverse?

You can download and use the GoArt Metaverse application for Android and iOS supported devices. To download the application completely free on Google Play Store and the App Store, you can click on the links below and access the store pages.

Google Play Store

App Store

How to register for GoArt Metaverse?

Open the GoArt Metaverse application. Read or skip the introduction sequentially.

Grant location and camera permissions for the application. You need to grant these permissions to use the application.

When you see GoArt Metaverse Sign In screen, you can register in two ways.

Creating an Account in the Normal Way

Tap the "Sign Up" button "Sign In" screen.

Enter your username, email address and password.

Declare that you accept the User Agreement by clicking the box next to I approve the User Agreement.

If you have a Referral Code enter your reference code by tapping “I have referral code!

After entering the code, tap the “Sign Up" button. After the registration process is completed, confirm your registration with the e-mail sent to your e-mail address.

Creating an Account with Social Media

You can register for GoArt Metaverse using your Google, Apple or Facebook account.

Registering with a Google Account

To register with Google, press the Google button on the Sign In screen and select the Google account you want to use.

When you see User Agreement, tap the “Accept” button.

Specify your username and tap the ”Accept" button. And the registration process with Google account will be completed.

Registering with a Facebook Account

Tap the Facebook button on Sign In page to register with Facebook.

Allow the GoArt Metaverse application on Facebook with the "Continue as - Your Name-" button on the page that comes up.

Then set your username and enter your referral code in the next step. Thus, you will complete the registration process.

Registering with an Apple Account

On the ”Sign In" screen, tap Apple icon and select the Apple account you want to register.

Read the User Agreement that appears and accept it to continue.

Enter your username and tap the ”Save" button.

Enter your referral code and tap the ”Confirm" button.

What is the Referral Code and How to Get It?

The referral code is the eight digit code you must enter to join the GoArt Metaverse App. To get a referral code, you can access the referral code website by clicking here. A limited number of codes are generated every day. New codes are generated every day at UTC PM 12:00.

After logging into the website, verify that you are not a robot by reCaptcha verification. Then tap the ”Get a Referral Code" button.

Go back to the application and enter the code you see and tap the Save button.

Creating an Avatar

After your registration is completed, you can create your avatar through the GoArt Metaverse application. GoArt Metaverse allows you to create your avatar with the Ready Player Me service.

When the avatar creation screen comes up, first select the body style. If you already have an avatar on Ready Player Me, you can select your avatar by signing in with Ready Player Me.

After choosing your body style, you can take your photo with the "Take Photo" button on the screen you encounter, or you can select an existing file on your device with the "Choose File" button. With these two options, Ready Player Me will try to create the most similar character to your photo for you.

If you choose the continue without photo option, you can choose an avatar view as shown in the images below and customize the look you choose with many options.

After customizing your avatar, you can create your avatar by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner.

For any questions or problems, you can open a ticket through Support by joining our Discord server.

What If I Want to Change My Avatar?

To customize your Avatar again:

1- Click on your profile

2- Open the game menu from the top right

3- Click on Settings.

4- Click on the “Edit My Avatar” option, on the page that opens.

5- You can edit your avatar on the page that opens.

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