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GoArt Metaverse

What is the GoArt Metaverse?

GoArt Metaverse is a metaverse platform that uses the world's first AR/VR and Web 3.0 technologies that make time travel possible for its users. By joining the GoArt Metaverse, you can discover interesting aspects of the past and unknown mysteries of the future, join free-to-earn and take your place in the NFT market.

What is GoArt Metaverse aiming for?

GoArt is the only landing point in the metaverse for users and brands who want to create and benefit from an immersive virtual experience. We aim to deliver an AR-powered metaverse shopping experience and complement it with well-crafted, rich content that can only be found on time portals.

Which platforms is GoArt Metaverse on?

You can access the AR-powered GoArt Metaverse app with your Android or iOS device

Will GoArt Metaverse be available on new platforms in the future?

GoArt Metaverse aims to reach users on all platforms with multi-platform support and offer them the metaverse experience in a unique way. We aim to offer the GoArt Metaverse experience on VR platforms as well as Windows and Mac.

Is the GoArt Metaverse app free?

You can download and use the GoArt Metaverse application completely free of charge.

How can I download the GoArt Metaverse app?

You can download the application via Google Play Store or App Store.

How can I sign up for the GoArt Metaverse app?

You can use one of two options to create an account. After downloading and opening the application, you can create your account by filling the necessary information using the “Create Account” button. The second option is to use your social media account to register via Google or Facebook.

What is the reference code?

It is a special eight-digit code required to register with the application. Each user who registers in the application has a reference code that he can give to 5 users to register.

How can I get a reference code?

You can get a code from a different user of GoArt Metaverse application or you can create a code via the reference code website.

Which Android version supports GoArt Metaverse?

To run GoArt Metaverse, your Android version must be at least 7.0 or above.

Why am I getting a “Your device is not compatible with this version” warning in the Google Play Store?

GoArt Metaverse is an AR-powered application and if you have a device that does not support AR, you can see this warning, but the current version has non-AR update active. Therefore, if you encounter this warning, please contact Support via our Discord server.

My phone doesn't support AR, what can I do?

You don't have to worry. GoArt Metaverse is compatible with devices that do not support AR with the non-AR update.

What is the time dimension? How many time dimensions are there?

The time dimensions represent the world that makes up the GoArt Metaverse. There are three dimensions of time, namely past, future and present. For the moment, you can only experience the past time dimension with the GoArt Metaverse app.


What is the Free-to-Earn event?

A new concept for the NFT community, Free-to-Earn is an event to support the community against the tough bear market. It makes it possible for users to collect MTE points by entering historical time portals.

What is an MTE point?

MTE points are points that have the appearance of coins and can be collected from the environment using AR technology during the Free-to-Earn event. By collecting MTE points, you can convert them to Polygon (MATIC).

How can I collect MTE points?

After selecting the time portal you want to enter to collect MTE points with the GoArt Metaverse application:

- Turn on the live camera with the ”Discover" button.

- If you have not downloaded the time portal before, the time portal map will be downloaded before the camera is turned on.

- Create a portal with the ”Create Portal" button.

- Go through the portal and collect MTE points that appear around you by walking or moving forward with double-tap.

How many MTE points will be distributed?

In the first stage, we will distribute MTE points worth 100 ETH! More and more MTEs are being collected every day and already 25 ETH has been collected by the community.

What is a Time Portal?

In the GoArt Metaverse, time portals are gateways that will allow you to witness different points of history and explore the mysterious uncertainty of the future. Time portals are gateways that will be the starting point of your time travel experience.

How many time portals are there and will new portals be added?

Currently, only past time portals are included in the game, and you can collect MTE points in three different time portals. In the future, new time portals will be added to the game and you will be able to witness different scenes of history.

How can I enter a time portal?

To enter the time portal, you need to download the desired time portal from the main menu. You can open your AR camera with the “Discover” button on the selected time portal and enter the portal after creating the time portal with the “Create Portal” button. You should also have a sufficient amount of energy to enter the time portals.

What is energy? How do we gain it?

Energy is an expendable resource that you need to access any time portal. When you run out of energy, you will not be able to enter time portals until you have filled up enough energy again. You can gain energy every two hours until you replenish your maximum energy.

Why does it take more energy when time portals are entered using non-AR?

One of our goals as GoArt Metaverse is to improve and expand the use of AR technology to provide users a unique AR metaverse experience. We believe that AR will become much more developed and widespread in the future, and we want to continue our development through AR. Therefore, entering maps with AR supported devices and logging into the portal from the real location of the time portal consumes less energy.

Are there different ways to gain energy?

You can fill some of your missing energy by taking a photo of the MTE points or chests on the map for one time and sharing it on social media or sharing your reference code with a friend.

How many MTE points appear in a time portal?

You can find at least 1 maximum of 30 MTE points in a time portal.

What are chests and how can I find them?

Chests are rare items in time portals. Just like MTE points, you can find chests by navigating through the time portal. You can collect many more MTE points than you can normally get on a map.

What does it take to convert my MTE score to MATIC?

In order to convert your MTE points to MATIC, your crypto wallet must be connected.

How can I connect my crypto wallet to the application?

-Make sure that the Metamask wallet is installed on your device.

-After logging in to the application, click on the “Wallet” section at the bottom right

-On the page that opens, click on the “Connect to Wallet” button and select Metamask.

- After selecting your Metamask account, you can see the wallet you have connected by clicking on the ”Connect" button on the Wallet page.

Which crypto wallets does the GoArt Metaverse app support?

For the time being, you can only connect the Metamask wallet to the GoArt Metaverse application. In addition, the developer team is working to provide more wallet integration.

Is there a limit to convert my MTE points to MATIC?

To convert your MTE points to MATIC, you need to convert at least 10 MTE. You can also convert up to 1000 MTE points to MATIC within a week and transfer them to your account. In addition, when you make a transfer to your crypto wallet via the application, a new transfer transaction will not be possible for the next 3 minutes.

When is the weekly MTE conversion limit renewed?

The MTE conversion limit is renewed Every Monday at UTC 00:00.

Why can't I see the MATIC I transferred to Metamask?

Before transferring the MATIC from your GoArt account to your Metamask wallet, please make sure that you have added the Polygon network to your Metamask wallet. You will not be able to see your MATICS without adding the Polygon network to your Metamask.

Can I join Free-to-Earn with more than one account?

No, you can only use one account on the same device.


Will there be any Mint process?

Yeah. We are planning to have 3 Epic Keys at the auction in August. After the necessary preparations are completed, the GoArt Keys collection of 5.555 pieces will be minted.

What is the mint date?

The exact date is not yet clear.

What is the Mint fee?

3 Epic Keys will be auctioned and the GoArt Keys collection of 5,555 pieces will be minted free of charge only by paying a gas fee.

Which blockchain infrastructure will NFTs use?

Ethereum infrastructure will be used. The 3-piece Epic Keys to be auctioned will use the ERC-721 standard, while the 5.555-piece GoArt Keys collection will use the ERC-1155 standard.

How can I obtain more information?

For more information about the GoArt Metaverse, you can read our Whitepaper, follow the developments on Discord and Twitter, and you can participate in our AMA events.

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