GoArt Experience

A glow appeared and the GoArt Metaverse was formed. There were thousands of galaxies intertwined, planets within galaxies. Within the planets, Avatars came to life and shaped their own worlds.

And one day, a time traveler came to the ancient ruin from the time portal in the sacred chamber. This was the first of endless future time travelers. The avatars learned how to travel in time from the time the traveler.

Now they too have set out on adventures to explore the GoArt Mainland and find time portals that have yet to be used by any avatar.

After passing through the time portals, they visited the past and future timelines of the GoArt Metaverse, they faced with great adventures, sometime it was a following a treasure map, sometimes it was a climbing rocky mountains to find the mysterious cave to collected the valuable tokens found in their adventures and brought them back to their own time.

While collecting these valuable tokens, they embarked on different adventures and accumulated hundreds of new stories. When they returned to their own time, they told these stories to each other and shared their own experiences, persuading other avatars to pass through these time portals.

Of course, they used these valuable tokens for shopping and created a new way of trade. Time by time, the avatars and traders started to join the GoArt trade hub.

Emerging from a tiny glow, GoArt Metaverse is now waiting for all time travelers to discover it to experience a new order of trade with the new technological development, endless adventure, and token revenue from these adventures.

Hello Traveller!

Sit by the fire and share a glass with me. Open your ears well and listen to me. I'm going to tell you how people built so many cities and how they connected these cities, just like our young girls weave rugs on the loom you see there.

When people gathered, they started to stack the stones to feel more secure. They called it a wall, then they connected the walls together, they called them rooms, they combined rooms, they called them houses, houses turned into villages, villages into towns… they grew into empires. Of course, many of them were destroyed and disappeared, but a new one was always established. It is the destiny of humanity to build and destroy them...

Of course, setting them up is not that easy. You can imagine that in order to be able to achieve so much and to keep what you have achieved, a lot of information, materials and products are needed. It is not that easy to collect them alone, and as you can imagine, these products and information are not all at the same place. They built roads to connect these different places and safe travel destinations to gather on those roads. These roads and meeting points became the destiny of humanity as well.

The Greeks found the best marble for the Pantheon of Zeus in the interior of the Greek peninsula, the Egyptians brought the best stone for the Pyramids from beyond the Nile. Throughout history, the kings crossed the seas to have the most precious works built in their palaces, and most importantly, they collected all the necessary items for the welfare of their people.

Pay attention to me and keep listening, I will tell you the history and the history of what people have been doing.

B.C. 305

“When are you leaving?”

“When all our takeaways are loaded.”

“When will you come back here?”

“I hope to be back in 3 months. I will trade with Jamshid and come back and we both know I will bring not only trade goods but also some of his mysterious stories. Maybe this time I'll tell him something."

02 August 1440

Captain's logbook

All day in the port of Alexandria, I watched the goods drawn from the scorching deserts or a sea that I knew existed but could not go to, as they were loaded onto a ship to take them to my homeland, Amalfi. I even gave money to a beggar who said his name was Dagi and had him tell me a story that nobody knew. These may be the last things I will hear before the journey, which will take about 1 month.

01 May 1907

“All your purchased items are loaded on the train Mr.Blake” Stop

“Train will depart on May 03 at 11:00 AM” Stop

“As you have informed, your goods will be unloaded at Salt Lake City freight train station” Stop

“I am informing you that the train will be there on May 27 at 01:00 PM” Stop

“I was also able to find the book you requested, and I am sending it” Stop

“I hope you enjoy the book” Stop

Eugene J. Graham

April 14, 2010

“I want to buy this, what do you think?”

“I have no idea, look at the comments on the internet. Surely a comment has been made.


"What happened?"

“Some like it a lot, some say it's bad, I'm not sure what to do. Should I buy something else?"

“Do you really need it?

"Of course, I do. Look, someone wrote a passage from Cervantes as a comment"

Since the beginning of history, people have traveled to distant lands to meet their needs. They set up meeting points to shorten the roads traveled. At these meeting points, not only trade was exchanged, but also cultural exchanges were made. Over the centuries, some of these points lost their importance, some gained importance, some were demolished, some were newly built, but the purpose was always the same.

19 May 2022

Now all humanity is counting the days to gather at another meeting point with GoArt Metaverse.

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