Landonomics are available for brands and creators willing to have their own virtual space and presence in a sense to contribute to the community. Future landowners will be consisting of designers, developers, directors, artist, partner projects, game companies and more.

Scope of GoArt Lands

The GoArt Metaverse map consists of 131,072 lands to be made available to the end-users. A land must be purchased in order to open a sandbox inside GoArt Metaverse. Anyone can purchase these lands on GoArt Metaverse's NFT marketplace.


  • The smallest salable piece of land on the GoArt Metaverse is called a Land.

  • Available in 3 sizes: 16x16m , 32x32m and 64x64m.

  • There is a 75% rule for the virtual space to be built on the purchased land. This rule applies to both height and floor. For example, the virtual space can be built on a 48x48 ground if you have a 64x64 land. The maximum height in the built area can be 48 meters.

  • All lands are NFT assets and can be traded as NFTs on the marketplace.

  • The owner of all lands is the person/entity who purchased the land in question.

Land Dimensions

The lands in the GoArt Metaverse will have 3 different dimensions

  • 16 x 16 = 256 m2

  • 32 x 32 = 1024 m2

  • 64 x 64 = 4096 m2

Spawn Point

  • When users enter the GoArt Metaverse, they can spawn from multiple "Spawn Points".

  • These points are positioned as common squares where users gather and socialize; they are not and never will be for sale, and are owned by GoArt Metaverse.

  • In these areas; various activities, games, and socializing events will be organized.

Shaping the Lands

  • Users will create their own spaces on the land NFTs they have purchased.

  • Users can freely carry out any desired activity on the land they own, to create the composition they wish, and to charge for the entrance to the land in their possession.

  • Users build their own world by placing the NFT assets they purchase on their land.

Geographical Descriptions

  • The GoArt Metaverse Map can be broken down so as to provide the most general to the most detailed information, with various geographic descriptions.

  • The purpose of geographical definitions is to easily determine the area where each land is located and to easily transfer it to the end-user in the same way.

  • From the most general to the most specific, these definitions are as follows;


  • Biomes are larger areas with common geographical and climatic features.

  • 4 different biomes are indicated in the image above.

  • While navigating the GoArt metaverse with AR and VR technology, users will see and experience common geographic and climatic conditions within a Biome.


  • Regions are aggregated sections that divide Biomes into several parts.

  • Geographical proximity and socio-cultural similarity are taken into account when determining regions.

  • The first area where land sales will be made over the GoArt metaverse map will be on the Regional level, as indicated in orange/yellow in the image.


  • Village is the standard unit of the GoArt Metaverse map system.

  • There is only one -standard- village in GoArt Metaverse.

  • Regions are larger units created by adding villages side by side and under each other.

  • The number of areas in regions is variable.

  • There are 3 different sizes of land in areas. These are; 16x16m, 32x32m, and 64x64m.

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