Our objective is to make all our users a part of our metaverse on all platforms. We target more users by utilizing development tools to provide multi-platform support. With the multi-location cloud solutions, we provide our users with an experience of the lowest delay possible.

Our platforms are as follows:

  • Mobile: Android, iOS

  • Desktop: Windows, Mac

  • VR: SteamVR, OculusVR


Using Unity LTS as the game engine, we make faster and more stable developments across multiple platforms. We make developments to support more devices and users once platform-specific development needs arise. With URP, we create a flexible graphic system where artists can show their talents more easily. We are building a structure that can be updated continuously by using the DLC system. We ensure that the project we develop is automatically published on every platform from end to end by using Azure and Unity Cloud Build solutions.

Development Tools

We use multi-platform development tools to provide more users with the same experience in augmented reality and virtual reality. Using ARFoundation in Augmented Reality, we support all Android and iOS enabled devices. We use Mixed Reality Toolkit and Mixed Reality OpenXR in Virtual Reality.


We use the Photon Engine multiplayer tool for our users to meet on the same platform and have the most interactive experience. We will position our servers with minimum latency across multiple locations, particularly in Europe and the U.S., followed by more in other locations.

Avatars and NFTs

By using the GLTF format in our models, we offer the same experience to our users on the entire platform. We enable our users to create their own avatars and a virtual identity for themselves. The Humanoid avatar system is now our first avatar option. Our users can bring additional features and make improvements to their avatars by using their own NFTs. With the additional features brought by their NFTs, they will have different and unique experiences.

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